What can I do in one week in Nepal?

Nepal has a lot to offer within one week. You can travel to so many beautiful places in Nepal and can enjoy the most scenic view of Nepal. Traveling across Nepal is a truly thrilling experience. Many visit Nepal each year to travel and take in the scenery. The long unique history of the art and culture makes Nepal more exciting and interesting. Nepal is comparable to a celebration that enjoys commemorating interpersonal ties, joys and diversity.

The country is rich in gastronomy, customary art and craft and many more. Nepal is a fantastic option if you’re considering traveling and spending some time in the near future. Nepal is undoubtedly the greatest place to travel in terms of culture, scenery, history, adventure, etc. In just one week Nepal has a lot to offer.  Continue reading “What can I do in one week in Nepal?”

Sustainable travel practices during the Everest Base Camp Trek with Helicopter Return

One of the most daring treks in Nepal is the Everest Base Camp Trek. Everest Base Camp is the ideal fusion of scenic natural features and cultural richness. The most enjoyable scenes and gorgeous flowers may be found at Everest base camp. The world’s most best trekking journey

is also Everest base camp trek. Everest base camp trek with heli return top rated trek in the world. Being the most adventurous and popular trek it has somehow impacted the environment and the surrounding Everest region. It is our shared responsibility to travel responsibly and to use sustainable and environmentally friendly travel strategies.. When it comes to the environment and its resources, we must exercise caution.

When visiting Everest base camp trek with Heli return, it can be quite beneficial to adopt sustainable travel practices and raise awareness of the influence on the environment. Continue reading “Sustainable travel practices during the Everest Base Camp Trek with Helicopter Return”