How to rent or book Hiace Van in Nepal?

Nepal is Popular touristic destination for Nature and culture exploration. Trekking and cultural sightseeing tour are very popular with international tourist after Mountain Expedition. Travelers need various kinds of vehicles as per their comfort. When booking trekking packages in Nepal with agency you will not need to worry for booking extra vehicle yourself. But if you are customizing your trip your self to explore Nepal in your own way then you need to book a vehicle yourself.

There are various trekking companies and vehicle companies which will allow you to book a vehicle as per your need. Before booking vehicle you need yo know which vehicle is required for your destination and cost. The cost of vehicle rental or hiring is comparatively higher in Nepal due to many reasons.

This blog aims to provide complete information about Hiace rental service in Nepal

What is Hi-ace?

The HiAce (pronounced as “High Ace”) is a light commercial van produced by the Japanese automobile manufacturer Toyota. The max capacity of this van is 15 pax including driver. Currently there are two types of Hi-ace are available in Nepal. One is Toyata HiAce and another is Nissan HiAce. HiAce is categorized as luxurious vehicle for group who want to travel in asphalt roads.

Hiace in Nepal
Hiace in Nepal

Where can I travel in Hi-ace?

You can travel all around Nepal where the roads are asphalt or is in very good condition. If you are planning to travel in off roads I suggest you to choose 4W vehicles like Scorpio and sumo.

How to book hiace in Nepal?

If you are already in Nepal and want to book or rent hi-ace visit nearest travel agency or transport company. They can arrange vehicle for you. If you are not in Nepal or do not want to visit agents you can directly contact vehicle owner by clicking here book HiAce in Nepal.

Is it good to contact vehicle owner or vehicle agents for renting vehicles in Nepal?

If you do not know any vehicle owner you have no choice so you must contact vehicle rental  agents. They will provide you vehicle on commission basis. But if you know vehicles owners they can provide you the cheaper rates than agents.

Adventure vision treks is vehicle rental agency or owner company?

Adventure vision treks and travels owns its own vehicle and provides rental facility through online as well through various rental agencies in Kathmandu Nepal. As we are trekking and tour company with own vehicles. we also have B2B contracts with others owners so we can provide vehicle hiring and booking in Nepal at cheaper rates than other travel agencies in market. As already I said we have B2B contracts, If our vehicle is not available in specified date then also we can provide other owners vehicles on same rate as our vehicle.

How much should I pay to book or rent vehicle?

For the confirmation of booking we charge 20% of total cost for booking vehicle. The booking charge is 100% refundable (bank payment commission 4% is deducted) if you cancel your trip before 10 days. And 50% is refundable before 1 day.

How to confirm vehicle booking?

First send us inquiry about your pick up and drop off location, we will provide you the rate of vehicle booking or rental on your date. Then you should go to our payment processing page by clicking here or link provided on email. Then you will get confirmation email of booking.

How to cancel or change the date of my booking?

Just send us one email. All thing is done. We will process your request as soon as we receive your email. The refund process can be held up to 48 hours by bank (not by us).

I am traveling with another trekking agency, can I book vehicle with you?

Yes, off course you can book vehicle in Nepal with us, traveling agency does not matter for that.

You will provide driver with rental vehicle?

Yes, all the cost provided by us are included with driver charge.

Can I book only vehicle not driver?

Yes, you can book but some terms and conditions should be fulfilled before taking vehicles from us. You must provide proof of valid driving license which is valid in Nepal. You must keep **some security deposit which will be refunded when you return our vehicles.

Which vehicle is perfect for what kind of group?

If you want single vehicle for group we suggest following. But if you prefer more than 1 vehicle , you can book or rent any vehicle.

RangeVehicle Type
1 – 4Car
3 – 7Scorpio
5 – 14Hiace

Photos of Hiace

Renting a Hiace is a great way to explore everything that Nepal has to offer. Whether you’re trekking through the mountains or sightseeing in the cities, having your own vehicle will give you the freedom to go wherever you want, whenever you want.

So if you’re planning a trip to Nepal, consider renting a Hiace. It’s the perfect way to make the most of your adventure in this beautiful country.

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