Nepal: the next family trip destination

With winter coming to an end and the nature restoring its juvenility, it is a good time to take a short break from the hustle and bustle of the lousy city and rediscover the joyfulness in the life of simplicity together with your family. If you are right now planning your next family trip, maybe Nepal is a good pick for you.

In a nutshell

Does it ever occur to you that it is hard to have a wonderful family trip in Nepal that satisfies everyone’s needs, that it is always a struggle for the trip to be exciting, relaxing and meanwhile educational? In Nepal, there is always something suitable for anyone, regardless of age, hobby and background. Not only does it has splendid natural scenery, this country is also one with pronounced and unique cultural and historical characteristics.

Stay free, live young, enjoy the wild  

With the blessing kiss of mother nature, Nepal is well-known for its majestic Himalayas. This place is not only a trekker’s paradise, but also a perfect spot for many outdoor activities. No matter if you are finding relaxing stuff to do with your family, like a day hike for superb mountain views, or seeking adrenaline rushing fun like paragliding, rafting and bungee jumping, you may find them all available in Pokhara. Meanwhile, the subtropical plains is a cradle for many wildlife animals. Is there a better way to educate kids about wildlife than seeing it themselves? The national parks of Nepal feature rhino, Himalayan tahr, yaks and over 400 species of birds. If luck is on your side, you may also have a close look at the Bengal tigers in Chitwan.

Be humble, seek peace, feel the sacred

Nepal is a unique country highlighted in sharp and distinct religious and cultural colors. Indian Hinduism and Tibetan Buddhism run in the vein of the civilization of this country. In Kathmandu, temples and monasteries are literally everywhere. Commence a 5-minute walk and you will encounter at least one marigold-laden shrine, or seeing colorful Tibetan prayer flags fluttering just right above you. Experience the unique cultural vibes around Kathmandu valley through visiting various UNESCO sites including Swayambhunath, Patan Durbar Square, Bhaktapur Durbar Square and other landmarks of great historical significance. You can unfold the years of stories of the country, and feel the sacred atmosphere that permeated the whole country. You can have a quality time spent with kids through understanding a brand new culture, or simply enjoy the moment of peace through family-friendly meditation or yoga.

Practitioner striking a yoga pose on a rocky outcrop with the snow-capped peaks of Mount Everest and surrounding mountains in the serene background.
Balancing body and soul at the world’s highest peak: Yoga amidst the majestic embrace of Everest.

Family Tour in Nepal Budgeted?

Selected as the world’s best value destination for 2017, Nepal is a fabulous choice for budget-conscious travelers. It is one of the world’s number one destination in terms of service and value. In general,  8 days 7-night Nepal family tour can be done in about 700 USD, covering transportation to three cities, accommodation at star hotels and Nepal sightseeing tour fees. There is a lot of flexibility and rooms for negotiation I for most of the travel agencies. If you would like to go for a more economical tour or a more luxury one, there are always plans that could cater your needs.

Nepal is always a good idea. 😉

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