Toyota Hi-ace rent price for Lumbini Sightseeing

This blog helps to book hiace for Lumbini sightseeing. Provides information about how to book hiace in Nepal?

Visiting Lumbini, the birthplace of Gautam Buddha, can significantly improve the quality of time spent with loved ones, family, and friends. Lumbini is also one of the most popular tourist spots. Lumbini offers pleasant lodging as well as amazing places to visit.

It is highly advised that you rent a Hiace for your trip, since Lumbini is a fantastic location for tours and activities. Hiace rentals can enhance your travel experience by providing a smooth, comfortable, and convenient mode of transportation. Hiace rentals are an excellent choice for your trip to Lumbini.

Price Information

Hiace Booking Package for LumbiniPrice
Kathmandu to Lumbini Toyota Hiace for sightseeing priceNRP.35000/-
Tilaurakot Toyota Hiace for sightseeing priceNPR.10000/-
One day Lumbini sightseeing Toyota Hiace priceNPR. 8000/-

Place to Explore in Lumbini

  • Maya Devi Temple
  • World stupa
  • Bodhi Tree
  • Myanmar Golden Temple
  • Lumbini Museum
  • Thai Monastery

Panoramic view of Lumbini, the birthplace of Buddha, showcasing the sacred Bodhi tree, ancient stupas, and prayer flags against a serene sky
Lumbini: Cradle of Buddhism and Beacon of Peace.

Why to choose Toyota Hi-ace transportation service for Lumbini sightseeing?

Toyota Hiace transportation service is our company’s most luxurious and reasonable priced means of transportation, allowing 15 passengers to travel in ease and comfortable. Additionally, the Toyota Hiace is the perfect vehicle for tours of Lumbini.

Can I hire Toyota for the day?

You can, indeed. For a day, you can use our Toyota Hiace transportation service. Additionally, you can rent it for as many days as necessary.

How many passengers can your Toyota Hiace carry at once?

15 passengers can ride in our Toyota Hiace vehicle at once including the driver. 15 passengers will be able to travel comfortably and enjoy themselves.

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