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Great service !

I went for trekking with Adventure Vision Treks with my friend and we had amazing experience. The owner of the travel agency was very helpful, kind and friendly! He took care of every detail of our trip to make sure that we will enjoy it the fullest and last but not least, for very good price! I loved not only the trip but especially the service, communication and attitude of the people who are working for Adventure Vision Treks and Travels :)

poon Hills trekking

The entire trek trip was awesome and our trekking guide was kind to us. He helped us a lot during the trip and gave us many informations about the mountains there

I am so glad to meet u

Every experience matters. I can understand this sentence so deeply after I come to Nepal. I have experienced so many things I have never experienced before during the whole trip. Rafting, paragliding...And we traveled around by trunk. We went into a dark cave with so many bat. I have never seen so many bat before. We walked in a jungle with so many insects and wild animals. Even sitting in the uncomfortable bus, I didn't feel any upset, and I just enjoyed this journey. Besides, we have a wonderful guide, he shared his life experience with us and inspired me a lot. At first, I only knew 3 people, but now, I have so many friends.

a wonderful trip

t is a 6-day trip to Pokhara and Chitwan. The first day was on the bus from Kathmandu to Pokhara. We did drafting on the way. It was quite interesting but just try to protect yourself from sun burned. We spent 2 days in Pokhara. It is a much cleaner city compared to Kathmandu. As we came in July which was the rain season, the lake was muddy and it was hard to see the snow mountain. Hence, I recommend come in winter. The forth day was also on the bus. The road between Pokhara and Chitwan was not satisfying_(:3 <)_Chitwan is a tropic city so the view there was so different. We went to the rainforest, saw the crocodile, watch a cultural dance and rode an elephant. The benefits for coming in off season was that we did not need to queue hahaha. Plus, the cook in the hotel cooks so GOOD!!! Last day we came back to Kathmandu.

ps The guide Sud is a SOOOO nice person.

Explore possibilities, now and here

As I look back on the travel around Pokhara and Chitwan, I feel that I’m obsessed with unforgettable memories. I’ve seen the sunrise and sunset with mountains and forest graced by colorful light; I’ve heard sounds and music of nature in an orchestration; I’ve felt the breeze caress my cheek carrying moist rich smell of a forest floor and leaves; I’ve touched the skin of elephants as soft, gentle as a baby’s; I’ve known silence: the peaceful, earthy silence when all chaos faded away in mediation.
Never did I expect to go rafting in the rushing river, jump into and float in the cold water, take paragliding high above the sky, go boating while raining heavily, scramble deep into the bat cave embedded in darkness, walk through the secluded forest...... All of which would just lie in my imaginations of “what if...?” without this wonderful travel of adventures.
I have seen a lot of wonderful things, yet they wouldn’t become so meaningful to me if I didn’t meet those wonderful people. In company with someone like Sud who are passionate about his country as well as equally willing to share with others, we have experienced as much as possible in just a few days. There are times when we bathed in the bright sunshine with bare feet, visited around on the truck, opened up to share our feelings and thoughts freely together, chatted pleasantly into late night.
Again and again I encountered something new from them everyday that surprised me as a new way of living. Even the boredom on the buses were transformed into a kind of positive communication. Later on I would still gladly forgo all the routines bothering me for the company of them, for their personalities, their stories, for other possibilities that didn’t exist in me, and above all for their wonderful minds where is a mutual world that we can share.
Travel as much as you can if possible, now and here. Don’t hesitate to take on a journey full of ventures and unknowns. Don’t hesitate to step out of your comfort zone to try out new ones. Don’t hesitate to turn your “what if” into realities. It is all the possibilities you are exposed to on the way that illuminates you to know more about yourself, find what lies inside you and help you to realize what you are longing for.

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