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Unforgettable journey!

I did trekking, paragliding and sightseeing in the 10-day journey, I’d say that the routing is great cuz it included nature and humanity so that we can have a deeper understanding of their culture. Also, the guides were super kind and nice, it was a great pleasure to chat with them to learn some Nepali words as well as interesting stories. On the last night of our trekking, we sang songs and danced together around the campfire. Oh! Sud even gave me a Nepali name “Tara”! I’ve already began to miss Nepal

Unforgettable trip!

In fact, I have never done any trekking before. From the very beginning, I honestly was a little worried about it. However, our guides are really nice and kind, which certainly made the trip relaxing and unforgettable. For the 4-day trekking, though it was really tough but we were even tougher! We also do the paragliding in Pokhara, which is really cool and amazing! Our guides gave great help to us throughout the journey and I think we are friends at all! I've already begun to miss Nepal as I write these stuff. Miss you guys a lot!

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Best team, best trip, best memories


Sud 和Jiban(老板)人都非常好,旅行安排的又有趣又不贵。还记得Sud最后一天告诉我们说,去一个国家很容易,难的是让那个国家记住你。旅行的意义也许不仅仅是吃喝玩乐,而更是去了解当地的人,甚至与他们成为朋友,这样尼泊尔才能记住我。

Great experience in Nepal that one shall never forget

I really appreciate the unforgettable experience that Jiban, Sud, Janice and Vanessa have offered us. They are nice and friendly people!

The tour in Nepal is full of excitement and happiness! The sunshine of Himalaya, the trekking, the paragliding, the rafting, the delicious Nepali food are all new and exciting to me. Nepal is really unique country. It gives people experience that can't be experienced elsewhere. Many thanks to Adventure Vision that offered us such a wonderful experience, helping us to know more about each other, about teamwork, about Nepal scenery and culture. That's definitely an experience one should try!

Very impressive experience and very responsible partner

We stayed for 12 days within which we spent 4 days trekking. And Adventure Vision planned almost everything for us except for lunch and dinner not during the trekking so that we can explore the cuisines in Nepal. They also provide lots of options for additional activities such as paragliding and rafting. They are enjoyable as well.

I did, genuinely love to work with these people from Adventure Vision because while operating a start-up company, they have their own philosophy on why they work on traveling and why in Nepal. Through conversations with them, I rethink about myself and my style of life. Is it the way of life that I genuinely want to live? And it indeed, I guess, sort of changed me.

Another good thing about Adventure Vision is that they are very approachable and always ready for your questions and complaints (if any). It is hard for foreigners to stay on Wechat all day but that's what they did. We even stayed at a hotel only 2 mins walk from their office, which is the reason why we can keep them informed and get problems solved very quickly.

The trekking was amazing, no need for more words to describe. And this trip really provoked my interest in trekking and I am grateful for that as well. Adventure Vision is an excellent partner if you plan to go to Nepal.Show less

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