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Fixed Departure Nepal Trekking Packages | Dates | Cost | Itinerary

Fixed Departure Nepal Trekking Packages are treks which starts on specified date. Such trekking packages are also known by guaranteed departure trekking. Normally other packages which are not included below are normal trekking itinerary packages. But the following packages are special and the departure will start on the specified date.

We offer Fixed Departure trekking which provide an opportunity to join in a group members with  same trekking route. Joining group has advantage as you will save the cost as well you will get a company throughout the trekking in the Himalaya. We schedule two fixed departures in a year. One in autumn and one in Spring.

Sometime there will be more than two departure dates if someone already booked the package on specified date and they are searching company / group to trek with. Joining Guaranteed departure trekking will reduce your total cost by sharing permit cost, trekking guide cost also you can feel more secure than  solo trip. And this is also a good way to make adventure lover friend from various part of the world.

Every Year we organized fixed dated departures for Everest base camp Trek, Annapurna Base camp Trek, Ghorepani Poon Hill trek. Currently following packages are availed for fixed departure booking. If your desired package is not available on the list please let us know using our inquiry form. We are also expert on designing custom trip as per your request, time, cost

Available Fixed Dated Nepal Trekking

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