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Rafting in Nepal

Rafting is one of the most adventurous and thrilling sport in Nepal. Nepal is a Himalayan country so the rivers formulated from the top of Himalayas flows with a great flow and current which provides larger rapid and a perfect place to raft. Rivers of Nepal slope further and faster than any other rivers in the world, offering thrilling rapids for rafting in Nepal. Rivers of Nepal can be broadly divided into three categories in accordance with their origins. The first category comprises the three main river systems of the country-the Koshi River, Gandaki River and Karnali river systems, all of them originating from glaciers and snow-fed lakes. All of the rivers are greatly popular for rafting adventure in Nepal.

At the foot of the Himalayan Mountains, Nepal is blessed with an amazing assortment of rivers. Simply put, we live in a white water fanatic’s paradise with an overwhelming variety of white water rafting adventures to lure any type of traveler. From expedient ½ day trips to full on 12 day river expeditions.

Commence rafting in Nepal and amuse yourself with fascinating river rafting fun, thrill and adventure also explore the scenic natural beauty of Nepal. Explore Nepal via river route and enjoy the unseen region of beautiful Nepal. 

Bhote Koshi River Rafting 62

Bhote Koshi River Rafting - 03 Days

Bhote Koshi River rafting is one of the most popular rafting site of Nepal. This fascinating fast flowing river offers the rafters the wide range of difficulties and high range of rapid. Bhoti Koshi River situated at the border of Nepal and china offers you a most raft rafting zone.

Duration: 3 days

Trishuli River Resort 63

Trishuli River Rafting - 02 Days

Trishuli river rafting is the perfect destination for those who seek to have rafting adventure and enjoy the classic scenery of natural landscape, green forest and Himalayan view. Rafting in Trishuli offers you a wide range of adventure and huge range of rapids.

Duration: 2 days
Cost: 75 USD

Lower Seti River Rafting 64

Lower Seti River Rafting - 02 Days

Lower Seti river rafting is a fascinating rafting destination flourished with natural beauty and landscape scenery that flows through Pokhara valley. The Lower Seti River rises on the South East slops of Machhapuchhre and passes through two beautiful and contrasting scenic areas.

Duration: 2 days

Upper Seti River Rafting 65

Upper Seti River Rafting - 01 Days

Upper Seti river rafting is one of the popular rafting site because of its high range of rapid and beautiful scenic location. This fascinating white water rafting river offers you an adventurous rafting ride, scenic surrounding of green forest and shiny Himalayas.

Duration: 1 days

Kali Gandaki River Rafting 66

Kali Gandaki River Rafting - 03 Days

Kali Gandaki river is the most furious and fascinating river of Nepal. This Annapurna region rafting tour to Kali Gandaki has gained its popularity because of its scenic view throughout the tour and the adventurous and thrilling rafting ride.  Kali Gandaki River is one of the most holy river of Nepal.

Duration: 3 days

White Water river rafting in Karnali 67

Karnali River Rafting - 09 Days

Karnali is the longest and largest river of Nepal that offers you with different variety of raft and flow. This fascinating river is famous for its rafting tour. Commencing river raft into Karnali River will offer you a chance to enhance the diversification of natural and cultural beauty of Nepal.

Duration: 9 days

Sunkoshi River Rafting 68

Sunkoshi River Rafting - 08 Days

Sunkoshi the river of gold is one of the most fascinating and largest river of Nepal. Rewarded as top 10 rivers in the world this fascinating river flows into different region of Nepal. This river offers the longest rafting trip in Nepal a total of 270km and is rated as one of the world’s top ten classic river journeys.

Duration: 8 days

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