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Namobuddha, Kavre (30 kms from Kathmandu)
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Buddhist Cultural Tour in Nepal

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Trip Name: Buddhist Cultural Circuit Tour in Nepal

Activities: City Sightseeing, Buddhist Pilgrimage sites visit, Cultural activities exploration

Best Time: All Seasons

Cities: Kathmandu, Pokhara, Lumbini

Main Attraction: Lumbini (Birth place of Lord Buddha)


Nepal Buddhist cultural tour is designed to explore Buddhist pilgrimage  in Nepal. You will visit birth place of lord Buddha. This package cover maximum number of historical and cultural Buddhist destination in Kathmandu, Pokhara, Lumbini. This tour is combination of natural and cultural tour to explore Nepal.

Even if the person is not a Buddhist he or she could do this tour. In western cultures Buddhism is not considered to be religion but state of enlightenment. In the Buddhist culture tour they will get to learn and see all important and significant facts of this belief. Along with that you can get to see the beauty and nature of the place. Sights so beautiful which will keep you amazed for the rest of your life.

Buddhist Pilgrimage tour in Nepal is essential because Buddhism originated from Nepal. It has a lot of history, different culture and deep heritage routed back to Buddhism.  There is a lot that can be learnt and experienced in this tour. This Pilgrimage covers essential area with regards to Buddhism like Lumbini – It is the birth place of Buddha.  It also covers Baudhnath the largest stupa in Nepal and Many monasteries along the way.

You do need any prior experience of a pilgrimage tour. The difficulty level is very negligible and the Nepal Buddhist Pilgrimage tour is very easy to complete. As all there is not much walking and climbing and all the traveling will be done with a private car.

The main reason behind a Buddhist culture tour in Nepal is that Buddhism started  in Nepal with the birth of Prince Siddhartha Gautama, who was born to Royal Family in Nepal in the 600BC.  When he was born a great sage came down from the hills and told his father that he would either be a great emperor or a great spiritual teacher. The father wanted his son to be a great emperor so he vowed to shield his son from all suffering and misery of the world, and kept him inside the walls of the palace where he lived a life of luxury and comfort. However, it was not long before his bubble was cracked open, when he went out of palace and he had four sightings of an aged man, a sick man, and a dead body. His fourth vision was of a peaceful monk (one who denies luxury and comfort). Seeing the monk’s peacefulness, he decided to become an ascetic himself. He decided not to go back until he solved the problem. So Siddhartha Gautama set out in the forest in search of answers. He sat down and meditated under a Pipal tree and attained enlightenment after 40 days on the full night, from there on they called him the Buddha the enlightened one.  The Nepal Buddhist circuit tour covers all the important places relating to Buddhism.

Tour Map
Detail Itinerary

Day 01: Arrive in Kathmandu

Upon your arrival in the Kathmandu airport you will be received by our representative with a placard at the arrival gate. After completing greeting formalities you will be then transferred to Hotel.  The hotel will be at Kathmandu city where you will spend the night and relax the night.

Day 02: Explore Monasteries at Buddhanath, Swayambu & Kapan Monastery

Today we are visit the Boudhanath Stupa, one of the largest stupas in Nepal and one of the largest stupas in the world. After experiencing Boudhnath we will head to Kopan Monestary, which is located on the hill top of Kapan village. It is a very peaceful and very popular Moastery. Right of time will be spent to explore and feel the place. Take in the fresh air and teachings. Later  We will visit Saymbunath and experience the temple. We can alsoget a panoramic view of the full city from here.

Day 03:Drive to Pokhara

Today we drive to Paradise city of Nepal (pokhara) 230k.m/5 hour arrives pokhara walk around on near the lake  and spend the night at hotel.

Day 04: explore some popular Buddhist landmarks in Pokhara

Today we visit the World Peace Pagoda which is situated on the hill. This was constructed by the Japnese Nipponzan Myohoji Organisation.  The world peace pagoda also gives you a panoramic view of the entire beautiful valley. After completing this we head to the Buddha robotic museum. Which explains the entire Buddhist culture easily.

Day 05:Drive to Lumbini

After breakfast we will drive to Lumbini , the birth place of Lord Buddha. Which will take around 6 hours by road. After reaching Lumbi we shall relax overnight at the hotel.

Day 06: Explore Buddhist Monastery in Lumbini

Lumbini is one of world's major religious, architectural, and historical places. We devote today's time in visiting as many places and sites in Lumbini as possible. The place is really a big area with monuments, temples, and ancients sites making it a World Heritage Site.

Day 07: Visit Tilaurakot &Drive back to Namo Buddha

At morning you will visit Tilaurakot, place where Lord Gautm Buddha spend his 29 years. After that we will head to Namo Buddha and visit the place. Later on farewell program and dinner at Kathmandu.

Day 08: Drive back to Kathmandu and Fly back to your Destination.
Cost info

Cost: USD 400 per person

The cost provide above is min 7 person in a group.

Cost for less than 7 person : USD 600 per person

Cost includes

  • Airport pick up and drop service.
  • All accommodation and meals in Kathmandu, Pokhara, Lumbini

Cost Exclude

  • Visa cost
  • International airfare
  • Drinks and beverage cost.
  • Insurance cost.
  • Additional equipment cost.
  • Personal expenses, tips and shopping cost
What Previous Clients says ?

Explore possibilities, now and here

As I look back on the travel around Pokhara and Chitwan, I feel that I’m obsessed with unforgettable memories. I’ve seen the sunrise and sunset with mountains and forest graced by colorful light; I’ve heard sounds and music of nature in an orchestration; I’ve felt the breeze caress my cheek carrying moist rich smell of a forest floor and leaves; I’ve touched the skin of elephants as soft, gentle as a baby’s; I’ve known silence: the peaceful, earthy silence when all chaos faded away in mediation.
Never did I expect to go rafting in the rushing river, jump into and float in the cold water, take paragliding high above the sky, go boating while raining heavily, scramble deep into the bat cave embedded in darkness, walk through the secluded forest...... All of which would just lie in my imaginations of “what if...?” without this wonderful travel of adventures.
I have seen a lot of wonderful things, yet they wouldn’t become so meaningful to me if I didn’t meet those wonderful people. In company with someone like Sud who are passionate about his country as well as equally willing to share with others, we have experienced as much as possible in just a few days. There are times when we bathed in the bright sunshine with bare feet, visited around on the truck, opened up to share our feelings and thoughts freely together, chatted pleasantly into late night.
Again and again I encountered something new from them everyday that surprised me as a new way of living. Even the boredom on the buses were transformed into a kind of positive communication. Later on I would still gladly forgo all the routines bothering me for the company of them, for their personalities, their stories, for other possibilities that didn’t exist in me, and above all for their wonderful minds where is a mutual world that we can share.
Travel as much as you can if possible, now and here. Don’t hesitate to take on a journey full of ventures and unknowns. Don’t hesitate to step out of your comfort zone to try out new ones. Don’t hesitate to turn your “what if” into realities. It is all the possibilities you are exposed to on the way that illuminates you to know more about yourself, find what lies inside you and help you to realize what you are longing for.
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