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Till today we have 5 star rating from hundreds of satisfied clients. We will keep this star constant in future. Please give us a chance to organize your trip so you can rate us 5 star.


ery good organization, accommodation, traffic arrangement. during the trekking, the guides were really helpful and considerate~

Really HUMAN2HUMAN!!!!!

Get help anytime and anywhere I needed! And always think ahead of us and give the best advice~ Very experienced, expert and extraordinary team!!! Miss all our friends there~~~~~

Excellent experience

Adventure vision helped us organize a wonderful trip, and I absolutely had a great time - trekking on Poon hill, paragliding in Pokhara, rafting in the Trishuli river, temples in Kathmandu, and sunrise at Nagarkot, etc. This journey to Nepal is my first time being out of my country, and I am truly thankful that adventure vision offers me the opportunity to try these things that I have never experienced before. And people from adventure vision are very nice, I really enjoy chatting and traveling with them, sharing our stories and talking about everything. It's such a joyous journey in all, dhanyabad!

Demanding but worthy

The main part of the trip -- the four-days trekking was a little bit demanding especially in winter with night temperature below 0 degree. But when I saw the magnificent night sky above us, everything was worthwhile. Great place for landscape and street photo photographers!

All the people are helpful and approachable. Nice service in a affordable price!

Best Trekking Ever!!! ❤

Kathmandu→ Pokhara→ Nayapul

This is my first time to trek in mountains and it's definitely the greatest one ever!

The guides are very considerate and provided us with very satisfactory service like airport pickup, renting the outdoor gear...Additionally, the most unforgettable part was the 4-day trekking in the mountains, which was a pure spiritualization to my mind. When reaching the summit, you'll find the sacredness and the beauty of nature

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