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Helicopter Tour to Damodar Kunda
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Damodar Kunda Helicopter Tour Darsan Yatra

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Major things to remember

Special entry permit of person is necessary to visit Damodar Kunda since, it’s in upper mustang.

Annapurna Conservation Area Project (ACAP) entry permit also must be needed.

For Helicopter flight permit, both permits of all travelers is necessary and need at least a week


Damodar kunda is a group of three kunda (brahma kunda, Rudra kunda, Ananta kunda), it’s a lake which is also described in barah puran (a holy book of Hindu). There is a paragraph that describe the importance of this holy lake in Barah Puran. Lord Krishna has said that who visits to Damodar Kunda and takes a deep-bath, he/she will be free from all kinds of sins they did in this life or previous life. In peoples believe it was observed that this lake was formed by the water from mansorvar mountain. Brahma Kunda, Rudra Kunda and Ananta Kunda are the name of the three lakes which in major called it Damodar kunda.  This holy lake is in Upper Mustang area of Nepal. It is Northern Himalayan range of Annapurna. Damodar Kunda lies in 4890 meters above the sea level. It is also a best place to find Shaligram (a stone to represent a form of lord Vishnu).

What’s the best way to visit Damodar kunda?

The best way to get in Damodar kunda is Heli way, you can get really fast and easy way by helicopter. You can get directly to Damodar kunda from Kathmandu. Heli way is the best way to explore for those people who has limited time.

What’s on the way of damodar kunda to explore?

There’s a beautiful view of Himalayan range. In the way you can observe Pokhara, mustang…… different places and enjoy bird eye natural beauty from helicopter. You will really enjoy the beautiful views of annapurna and dhaulagri himalayan range.

Can I get a flight from Pokhara to damodar kunda?

Yes, you can get a Heli flight from Pokhara to Damodar kunda, it’s available. You can take a flight from Kathmandu to Pokhara  then you can take a Heli ride to Damodar kunda.

What permit should you have to visit Damodar kunda?

A special permit is needed since, it’s in upper mustang and lies in Annapurna conservation area. You should have  permit  of upper mustang , TIMS and ACAP (Annapurna conservation area project)

Is another way except helicopter way is there to get in Damodar kunda?

Yes, you can visit Damodar kunda by trekking. Trekking is preferred for those persons who have a lot of time to explore. And the person who are physically fit and able to trek through hills and in cold climate, there in trekking you will see the beautiful hills, rivers………many more natural beauties.

We also provide car and jeeps for rent so you can also contact us for road transportation

Damodar Kunda Scorpio Booking

Hiace For Damor Kunda

Damor Kunda Tour by Car

What is the best time to visit Damodar kunda?

We will recommend you visit in Damodar kunda during full moon in august, since the kunda is more beautiful and wonderful to visit in festival season. Usually, People visit in April to September at this time the beauty of this place is sharpened due to the festive season and climate.

Is there any staying camping arrangement for trekkers?

Yes,there is camping facilities for trekkers and you can stay at that place. You can camp in damodar kunda,mustang and in the treeking which on the way


Option 1: Direct Heli Flight from Kathmandu to Damor Kunda

Day 1: arrived at Tribhuvan international airport, Kathmandu (If you are not already in Nepal)

Day 2: sightseeing Kathmandu

Day 3: Kathmandu to Damodar kunda and return to Kathmandu

Day 4: Return to your Destination (If you do not want to join other trips)

Option 2: Helicopter Tour to Damor Kunda from Pokhara

Day 1: arrived at Tribhuvan international airport, Kathmandu, Nepal (overnight stay)

Day 2: sightseeing Kathmandu

Day 3: Kathmandu to Pokhara flight (morning/evening)

Day 4: Pokhara to Damodar kunda and return to Pokhara

Day 5: Pokhara sightseeing (overnight stay)

Day 6: return Kathmandu

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