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Mountain Expedition in Nepal

Nepal is a Himalayan country flourished with mighty peaks in the world. There are 8 mighty peaks from top 10 highest peaks in the world including the mighty MT Everest (8848m). Trekkers and peak climbers throughout the world craves to scale the mighty peaks of Nepal. Beside mighty peaks above 8000m there are hundreds of peaks in the Himalayan region of Nepal. Expedition in Nepal is the most popular and adventurous sport to commence. Most of the popular expedition destination of Nepal are MT Everest (8848m), MT Annapurna (8091m), MT Makalu(8463m), MT Lhotse (8383m) and many more furious and fascinating peaks. 

Mountaineering is by far the most challenging task of all. It should be followed by basic mountaineering training above the snow line using ice axe, crampons ropes, and other necessary climbing gears under the supervision and instruction of a professional climbing guide. Commencing expedition in Nepal may offer you the best scenic view imagined and adventurous trail but also requires the perfect training, physics and experience of climbing peaks. 

Mt Everest Expedition 69

Mt Everest Expedition - 65 Days

Mt Everest (8848m) is the highest point on earth. This fascinating and adventurous expedition to Everest is the desired activity to all the mountaineers throughout the world. This is the most desired mountain to be scaled by all the trekkers or peak climbers throughout the world. Every climbers in the world wants to visualize

Duration: 65 days

Mt Annapurna Expedition 70

Mt Annapurna Expedition - 47 Days

Mt Annapurna the 10th highest peak in the world is the most popular and scaled peak of Nepal. Offering you with fascinating scenic beauty, colored villages, deepest George of kali Gandaki, snowcapped villages and delighted culture of highlanders. It is situated in mid-western part of Nepal.

Duration: 47 days

Mt Makalu Expedition 71

Mt Makalu Expedition - 58 Days

Mt Makalu (8463m) is the world’s fifth highest peak in Nepal. This fascinating peak was fist scaled by French party in 1955. This attractive and striking massive is situated just 14 miles east of Everest in the Khumbu region. Its size alone is imposing, but it’s perfect pyramid structure with four sharp edges makes this mountain all the more almighty.

Duration: 58 days

Mt Lhotse Expedition 72

Mt Lhotse Expedition

Mt Lhotse Expedition is the package designed to take you to this independent and technically difficult peak of Mt Lhotse. Ranging up to the altitude of 8516 meters, the mountain comprises of three massif; Mt Lhotse main (8516m), Mt Lhotse east (8414m) and Mt Lhotse Shar (8383m), making it one of the biggest in Nepalese Himalayan Massif after Everest

Duration: 47 days

Mt Mera Peak  80

Mt Mera Peak Climbing in Nepal

Mera peak climbing is one of the most adventurous, filled with beautiful natural scenery and thrilling trekking destination into the Everest region of Nepal. It offers a breathtaking view of tallest mountains in the world like Kanchenjunga, Lhotse, Makalu and Cho-Oyu. This delighted trekking destination into the height of mighty Himalayas of Nepal.

Duration: 20 days

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