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Welcome to Nepal!


Adventure Vision Treks and Travels team is thrilled that you decided to visit our website and we hope to welcome you in our magical country, Nepal, very soon!

Our young and dynamic team of experts with more than 8 years of experience in hospitality and travel industry in Nepal is there to help you plan your perfect adventure in Nepal. Whether you would like to join us for an adventurous trek in the Himalayas, explore temples and palaces of Kathmandu or enjoy natural beauty of the valley and beyond, we have got a plan for you.

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If we profit, the society profits

One of our uniqueness is ensuring sustainability and integrating eco-tourism in our business model. Besides everything that an ideal travel agency should be doing- offering the customer-aligned itinerary, the best travel consultation service, we do have a team of experienced experts to understand you and craft something only for you. Safety is always the primary concern which is the reason our guides, porters are trained accordingly not only with technical skills but also interpersonal skills.

We're as transparent as we can get with no hidden cost. What really distinguishes us is the way we have designed our customer flow and integrate the best of Nepal to offer the diversity it has.

One of our strength is to maintain professionalism while being flexible on customers demand.

What is Nepal famous for ?

Nepal is printed as the land of mystery or the land of spirituality in the travelers mind. The inviting Himalayas and stunning landscape offer wild range of activities for travelers to explore themselves while exploring this country. From spirituality to core adventure, Nepal offers yogic experience to breathtaking adventure. At times, Nepal offers ancient eastern lifestyle beyond yoga and Himalayas.

For short time-adventure seeking travelers, Nepal offers you the mixture of trekking, aviation sports and beautiful city sightseeing to ensure you don’t miss the diversity in activities within your limited stay. So that you get the best of Nepal.

For families, Nepal is best place to be with family- relax, take a break and enjoy the intimacy within the members. City tours in touristic cities Chitwan, Pokhara, Nagarkot to unexplored beauties like Rupakot, Daman, Bandhipur ----

For young people and students, Nepal helps you discover your purpose and find clarity within yourself and your surrounding. One thing Nepal has been successful in imprinting in travelers mind frame is the lifestyle Nepalese have: kind, loving, chilled and being optimistic. There is no doubt that travelling is an antidote to materialistic tension but Nepal, we should say is the best prescription. For youths, Nepal takes you closer to natural reality offering you life-challenging trekking experience,  

For deluxe travelers, Nepal gives it best to keep you grounded and close to the culture, society and our environment while giving the excellent service. Helicopter tour to Everest to having your own private villa to getting permit for hunting are few world-class offers Nepal has to offer.

How can we help you to make your travel comfort and unforgettable?

We are driven by our desire to build human relationship: offer life changing transformational experience. For us, it has always been about introducing our country differently or in the best possible way. Its about making new friends, new families, helping them discover different culture and offer them Nepalese lens of looking into things. When each interaction holds value which is bigger than business, it will be able to create memories and comfort. Our customer flow integrates values and bonding in its model.

We ensure your presence in this country will be of value to not only you but also this country and its people.