Pathivara and Halesi Darshan Tour

Pathivara and Halesi Darshan Tour

Trip At Glance

Destination Pathivara and Haleshi Mahadev Temple
Duration 06 Days
Grade Easy
Maximum Altitude 3900m at Pathivara
Per Day Walking max 5 Hours
Transportation Private
Accommodation Hotels
Best Time Except Rainy

Outline Itinerary

Day Acitivity
Day 1 Kathmandu to Bhedetar (1400M)
Day 2 Bhedetar to Thulo Fedi  (3200M)
Day 3 Pathivara Temple Darshan and Drive to Phidim (3800M)
Day 4 Phidim to Basantapur / Hile (1900M)
Day 5 Basantapur / Hile to Khotang Halesi (1350M)
Day 6 Haleshi Darsan early in the morning and drive back to Kathmandu (1350M)

Overview And Highlights

Pathivara and Haleshi darshan yatra is designed to worship two popular relegious temples of Koshi state in one trip. Pathivara and Haleshi are the two religious pilgrimage sites of Nepal, where Pathivara is dedicated to the goddess Pathivara and Haleshi is dedicated to lord Shiva. 

Pathivara and Haleshi darshan yatra is designed to worship two popular relegious temples of Koshi state in one trip. Pathivara and Haleshi are the two religious pilgrimage sites of Nepal, where Pathivara is dedicated to the goddess Pathivara and Haleshi is dedicated to lord Shiva. 

Pathivara is a renowned pilgrimage site located in the Taplejung district of eastern Nepal. It is situated at an elevation of  3749 meters above sea level. The Pathivara Devi Temple, where the goddess Pathivara is worshipped, is the primary draw of this location. In Hindu mythology, it is considered to be one of the Shakti peethas, the place where the left breast of Sati's corpse fell. It is one of Nepal's holiest locations, drawing throngs of tourists and devotees from all over the country. This location is mostly visited by Nepalis during festivals like Vijay Dashami.

Haleshi Mahadev Temple is another pilgrimage site in the Khotang district of eastern Nepal at the height of 1350m from sea level. Lord Shiva is honored in this temple. For those who adore Lord Shiva, this location is among the most significant.  This location is unique and symbolizes the eyes of Lord Shiva. Numerous tourists, visitors, and devotees come and offer to fulfill their wishes. There is breathtaking scenery all around this temple. 

Pathivara and Haleshi have significant religious and cultural value for Nepalese people as well as for the numerous tourists, visitors, and devotees
The trip begins in Kathmandu and travels eastward to Bhedetar. which, depending on the road and circumstance of traffic, may take up to 10 hours. The distance from Kathmandu to Bhedetar is about 250 km. Bhedetar is a stunning location with stunning views of the hills and is well-known as a popular tourist destination. To ensure an enjoyable end to the journey, spending the night in the Bhedetar is recommended.

We will continue traveling in the direction of Thulo Fedi on the second day of the trip. The Tamor River, lush greenery, a stunning remote village, and a great scenic landscape are all along the route that will take us past Taplejung via the Tamor Corridor. You will enjoy the breathtaking views of the valley and hillsides along the Tomor Corridor route. It is renowned for its winding roads and picturesque scenery. Additionally, it offers a small local village that showcases the customs and way of life unique to this part of Nepal.

Taplejung is approximately 100 km away from Bhedetar and will take 6-7 hours to reach. We will pass Kafle Pati after moving on, which is 30 km from Taplejung and will take one to two hours. Then we will hike in order to reach Thulo Phedi. Spend the night at Fedi in a hotel. Following a full night's sleep on the third day, it is advised to travel to Pathivara Darsan early in the morning and return to Phidim by vehicle.

Next day we will drive from Phidim to Hile or Basantapur and overnight there. There are two options to reach Basantapur, first option is through Mid-Hill Highway via Terthum. Another is via Tomor Corridor we drive to Mulghat and continue to Koshi Highway to reach Hile. Another day you will drive to Khotang passing Leguwa, Bhojpur Bajar and overnight at Diktel or Halesi.

In Khotang Ditel, you can peruse the Khotang Bazaar. Following that, we'll travel to Hile, where you can explore the town's bazaar, a small town with a variety of shops and restaurants.

It is advised to visit the Haleshi Mahadev Temple early in the morning following an overnight stay in Diktel. It is encircled by gorgeous, tranquil scenery and situated inside a cave. afterwards the Haleshi Darshan, we will travel the 360–370 km to Kathmandu. You pass the Sunkoshi River, Dhulikhel, and numerous other locations along the route.

Detail Itinerary

Day 1

Kathmandu to Bhedetar

We will travel 386 km by the B.P. Highway and the Madan Bhadar Highway from Kathmandu to Bhedetar on the first day. (Khurkot, Sindhuli,Viman, Udaypur,Dharan).

Visit Barahakshetra temple located at the bank of Saptakoshi river in Sunsari district. If we can reach before evening we will visit Dharan (City of Harka Sampang).

Duration : 10hrs to 11 Hours Drive

Overnight: Bhedetar




Guest House



Day 2

Bhedetar to Thulo Fedi 

Today early in the morning we will start drive from Bhedetar to Taplejung. The distance from bhedetar to kafle pati is 187km and take around 10 hours via Tamor corridor. Tamor corridor route goes through Mulghat to Jorshal Panchthar. This route is unpaved and is under construction at a distance covering 80km. which can be still interesting to to travel off-road through jungles. Passes through beautiful villages located on the banks of the Tamor River. You will pass the headquarters of Taplejung district, Suketar airport, and reach Kaflepati (which is the proposed station of the Pathibhara cable car). the drive is up to Kafle Pati from here onward to Thulo Fedi we will take a short hike which is at a distance of 1.7km, that can be completed within 1.5 hours to 2 hours.

Total distance: 190km

Driving: 10-11 Hours

Walking: 1.5-2 Hours

Overnight: Thulo Fedi


B, L, D


Guest House



Day 3

Pathivara Temple Darshan and Drive to Phidim

Early in the morning, we will hike from Thulo Phedi to Pathibhara Devi temple, which takes around 1 to 2 hours as per your walking pace at a distance of 2.2km. There are human taxis also available for those visitors who cannot walk. The route is covered with snow in winter and spring seasons.

After worshiping at the temple, we will return to Kafle Pati and drive back to Phidim. Phidim is the headquarters of the Panchthar district. 

Distance :111km (from Kafle Pati-Phidim)

Walking Hours : 4-5 hrs (thulo phedi- Pathibhara devi temple, and temple- kafle pati) 

Overnight: Hotel in Phidim

Driving Hours: 4hrs 30 mintue (kafle pati- phidim)


B, L, D





Day 4

Phidim to Basantapur / Hile

We will travel from Phidim to Basantapur or Hile by vehicle the following day. We have two options based on the state of the roads. The first option 
is the Mid-Hilly Highway, which passes through, Chuhan Danda, Sagranti Bajar and reach Basantapur. An alternative route would be to drive to Mulghat via the Tamor corridor and the Koshi Highway to Hile.

Distance: around 100 km vary as per route

Driving Hours: 8 Hours ( according to road condition and traffic)

Overnight: Hotel in Hile or Basantapur


B, L, D





Day 5

Basantapur / Hile to Khotang Halesi

Today we will drive to Halesi and overnight there. You will pass various popular places like Bhojpur bajar, Diktel Bajar.

Distance: 207km

Duration: 7-8 Hours

Overnight: Hotel in Halesi


B, L, D





Day 6

Haleshi Darsan early in the morning and drive back to Kathmandu

We will worship at Haleshi, another well-known Hindu temple, early in the morning. After that, we'll take a vehicle via Khurkot back to Kathmandu.

Distance: 220km approximately

Hours: 8-9 hrs


B, L



What Is Included ?

  • Kathmandu Bhedetar Kaflepati Phidim Hile Halesi Kathmandu Vehicle
  • Meals as per itinerary (One non veg per day)

What's Not Included?

  • Drinks
  • Dress
  • Gears

Altitude Graph


The two Pathivara and Haleshi are found in Nepal's eastern region. Haleshi is located in the Kotang district, and Pathivara is in the Taplejung district. Pathivara and Haleshi are accessible in Nepal via a many routes and hiking paths.

Since Pathivara and Haleshi are two of the most visited locations in Nepal each year, there are plenty of lodges and guesthouses close by.

It is advised to go in the spring, which runs from March to May, and in the autumn season, which runs from September to November. You can enjoy the pleasant weather and clear skies during this season, as well as the natural beauty of these locations.

Haleshi and Pathivara are safe places to travel. Numerous tourists visit this location each year. Nobody is posing a threat for this reason. The weather is the only thing that affects these locations. Therefore, it is advised to check the weather forecast beforehand.

There is a chance of altitude sickness in Pathivara, so we advise you to slower your pace if you are feeling hard to breath while walking. You will stay at Thulo Phedi so, you body will easily acclimatize the altitude.

The pathivara road can be difficult to navigate because it is frequently winding, narrow, and partially unpaved as we travel through Tamor corridor. In a similar vein, the road to Haleshi is occasionally narrow, steep, but good compering to Pathivara. Nonetheless, work is being done to keep the roads in these locations accessible to travelers and tourists.

Visitors are expected to treat this holy site with respect and are advised to dress modestly. In certain locations, it may be prohibited to take photos, and shoes must be removed in order to enter temple premises.

If you are inexperienced with the areas, you can hire a guide. They will provide you with accurate information about these locations as well as assistance in booking hotel rooms and other needs.

It is available to rent a private jeep and other vehicles. It is advised to rent a private vehicle for a comfortable travel. Organizations such as Adventure Vision Treks and Travels provide car, SUV, and other rental vehicles; the company's drivers will help and direct you through these locations.

It is advised to pack essentials and necessities. such as water, snacks, medicine supplies, warm clothing, and so forth.

The festivals of Dashain and Tihar are observed in these locations. In addition, under the name of Pathivara and Halesi Temple, local and other devotees perform special pujas and rituals.

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