Hiking vs. Trekking vs. Peak Climbing: Key Differences Explained

We usually tend to make all the three together but the only similarity in the three is that all three walk in nature. Each one has their own level of expertise and health requirement and other requirements and the number of days is also different.

Hiking in Nepal

Hiking is mainly a leisure activity it is pretty easy which is done by walking on well-made trails and  roads. It is closer to cities and villages. The days usually hiked vary from one day to 3 days maximum. You need not be extremely fit trek.  If you have no prior experience you can still manage to go without a guide. The hiking requirement is not much, Basic adventure shoes, pants, t-shirts and bag can get you going for a basic hike. Do not forget water and munchies. Popular hiking routes in Nepal are Nagarkot day hikeDhampus 2 Days Hiking, Dhampus Australian Camp Hike.

Trekking in Nepal

However, trekking is more rigorous, and a more challenging activity. Trekking is in between hiking and Peak climbing. It tests one’s physical ability, endurance, and even their mental or psychological capacity. Moderately fit person can trek to most of the trekking trails in Nepal. Nepal tourism board makes compulsory to take trekking guide for trekking above 4000m. As many solo trekkers are lost at Himalaya, many feels sick  due to trails are steep, altitude and altitude sickness. Treks usually start at 3 days and go up 21 days. In trekking explores camp or stay in tents or stay in tea houses or small lodges on the trail of the trek. For trekking, your gears have to be specific. You got to follow the packing list. You need Jackets, Trekking Shoes, Trekking pants in your backpack. Nepal is perfect destination for trekking activities due to many reasons. There are Eight of highest mountains in Nepal among top 10 Highest of the world. Some of the well-known trekking routes are the Everest Base Camp trek, the Annapurna Circuit Trek, Annapurna Base camp Trek, Mardi Himal base camp trek, Upper Mustang trekking.

Peak Climbing

Among the three, Peak climbing is supposed to the toughest to complete. It requires a very good amount of practice and you have to experience to carry this out. You will require a professional guide who will help you get through this. Your judgement on how to go over judge rocks, cross glaciers and how to face storms plays a very important role. You have to be very fit to carry out such an activity. The gear requirement for this very different from hiking and trekking proper shoes, jackets, gloves, thermals, axe, climbing ropes, gloves are among the few things you require for a Peak climb. Peak climbing is similar to Mountain Expeditions, normally Expedition means climbing Mountains like Mt Everest, Mt Manaslu, Mt Dhaulagiri, Mt Kilimanjaro, Mt Annapurna. But peak climbing is easier and shorter then expedition. Some peaks may not need previous experience if you have very experienced climbing guides with you. Popular peaks for climbing in Nepal are Island, Mera, Pisang, Chulu. Travellers consider peak climbing as starting step for mountain expedition also.

So whether you are planning to hike, trek or peak climb just go and prepare and do it. Do it sooner because later it will be difficult or probably impossible. Remember its one life, live it adventurously without any regrets.

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