Hiking vs. Trekking vs. Peak Climbing: Key Differences Explained

We usually tend to make all the three together but the only similarity in the three is that all three walk in nature. Each one has their own level of expertise and health requirement and other requirements and the number of days is also different.

Hiking in Nepal

Hiking is mainly a leisure activity it is pretty easy which is done by walking on well-made trails and  roads. It is closer to cities and villages. The days usually hiked vary from one day to 3 days maximum. You need not be extremely fit trek.  If you have no prior experience you can still manage to go without a guide. The hiking requirement is not much, Basic adventure shoes, pants, t-shirts and bag can get you going for a basic hike. Do not forget water and munchies. Popular hiking routes in Nepal are Nagarkot day hikeDhampus 2 Days Hiking, Dhampus Australian Camp Hike. Continue reading “Hiking vs. Trekking vs. Peak Climbing: Key Differences Explained”

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